Biscoff and Chocolate Truffles

Truffles with a Biscoff and soft dark chocolate centre

Dark Chocolate Biscoff Spread Biscoff Biscuits Butter Double (Heavy) Cream Vanilla essence White Chocolate Cocoa


A variety of toppings can be used in these Biscoff and Chocolate Truffles, such as white chocolate and crushed Biscoff biscuits.

Heat your cream until it just starts to simmer, then pour over grated chocolate. Add butter and vanilla extract and stir until melted. 


Refrigerate and then mix again.  Spread over the base of your serving dish.  Refrigerate again.


Melt Biscoff spread and stin in crushed Biscoff biscuits. Spread over ganache and refrigerate until set. When set cover with remaining ganache and refrigerate.


Roll into balls and cover with a variety of topping such as melted white chocolate with a sprinkling of crushed Biscoff biscuits.


Or roll truffles in cocoa powder or crushed Biscoff biscuits. Refrigerate to store.

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