Mulled Wine Christmas Pudding

A steamed pudding alternative to traditional Christmas Pudding.

Mulled Wine Syrup  (see my recipe) Golden Syrup Plain Flour Baking Powder Ground Cloves Ground Cinnamon Nutmeg Butter Muscovado Sugar Eggs Breadcrumbs Orange Lemon


Follow my mulled wine syrup recipe for the perfect mulled wine!

Mulled Wine Syrup

Sift your flour and spices together.  Zest and juice your orange and lemon. Lightly beat your eggs together.


Beat your butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.  Beat in your eggs in 3 lots along with a spoonful of flour each time.


Beat in the rest of your flour.  Add your fresh breadcrumbs, zests and juices. Beat on a high setting until combined.  


Add your mulled wine syrup and golden syrup to your greased pudding basin. Spoon your pudding mixture on top and level.


Cover your pudding with a layer of parchment paper and foil folded together in a central pleat.  Add to a pan and simmer in boiling water.


Remove after 2 hours and invert onto a plate to cool. Before serving add another 3 tablespoons of mulled wine syrup to the top.

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